The revolution of music royalties in web3 has arrived

Soundpickr Partners With AlterVerse

2 min readJul 31, 2023
Soundpickr’s storefront in Sky City

The Power of Web3 Music and Gaming like never seen before

Soundpickr is excited to announce our new partnership with AlterVerse — the anticipated metaverse that enables creators to craft their own unique games and experiences thanks to their no-code web3 game-building tools.

AlterVerse is offering a metaverse that breaks the boundaries of virtual experiences and their partnership with is set to revolutionise entertainment in web3.

The future of personalised experiences

AlterVerse’s evolving AI infrastructure allows players to customise characters and with the integration of music, users now have the opportunity to further personalise their gameplay, making their games unique and engaging.

From epic battle themes to atmospheric soundscapes, the integration of Soundpickr’s music will enhance the gameplay and create a truly immersive environment for players to explore — James Wolf (Marketing @ AlterVerse)

More than music experiences

On top of the music experience, AlterVerse has also provided Soundpickr with a storefront in Sky City.

The Soundpickr community will have access to this space to organise events, and virtual meet-ups, and get the full support of the Soundpickr team to promote and give visibility to those community experiences.

Where to find us


Twitter: @ soundpickr


Twitter: @ AlterVerseGame




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