Soundpickr Update

Everything you need to know about Q2 2023, and an overview of what’s coming during Q3

2 min readJul 17, 2023
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Key Metrics from the past 3 months

Gaming companies love us

We see the number of sign-ups on Soundpickr going up organically. After many months of behind-the-scenes work, we’ve finally started to announce partnerships and new integrations.

Some of those partners include Dotmoovs, AlterVerse, Insert Stonks and loads more. We’ll keep announcing more of these partnerships every week.

Key learnings:

✅ The improvements in our API’s integration process and clearer documentation are helping to onboard new partners

✅ Our organic traffic is giving us a competitive edge. More games are finding us from searching online

Some of our biggest stepping stones:

🎯 We need to grow our pool of partners to mitigate potential delays (more on this below).

Royalties agent in EMEA

This is a bit technical so we’ll share more details about this on a separate post.

The TL;DR is that we’re now a publishing royalties agent in EMEA — able to service 400k artists

Now that we’ve got this clearance, we’re in the process of getting the same appointment for North America.

Key learnings:

✅ Real-time royalty payments are a great concept but we need to work alongside the music industry to make a real difference

✅ This appointment gives us another competitive advantage as we can now collect and distribute royalties to all artists following industry standards

Stepping stones:

🎯 Following industry standards for web3 royalty payments means we have to follow a long process of clearance.

🎯 Having EMEA clearance means we still need the same appointment for the rest of the world. Our next goal is North American clearance.

The Lows

🌧️ Music tokenisation delays

As mentioned in our last update, we’ve had some delays in optimising the way our engine tokenises songs.

On top of that, we’ve experienced a few delays from label partners to deliver all files and metadata required.

🌧️ Gaming partners delayed deployment

We’ve also experienced several delays from gaming partners.

The delays are not dealbreakers but they push some of our updates back by a few weeks. We understand the startup world is full of these kinds of delays and are still excited to work with the most innovative gaming companies in web3.

Development and Q3

NFTs & Token

As mentioned in last quarter’s update, we’re working on the release of a new NFT collection with Token incentives.

This collection will be to test one of our latest NFT tools.

Music NFTs innovation tools

We’ve been developing two new standards for music that will offer a new way of interacting with music in web3.




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