Soundpickr Update: A New Way To Experience Music

2 min readApr 17, 2024


After two months of repurposing our tech, we’re back with a new MVP

Here’s the new way to engage with music

A few weeks ago, we announced a pivot driven by our users’ feedback.

We’ve built a web3 version of iTunes to be embedded across platforms that have over 3M monthly cumulative active users. The Beta version of this new product will offer in-app assets in the form of music bundles. The objective is to offer web users a new way of consuming music while gaining additional utility in their favourite games.

As we were getting ready to launch our new pilot product, we encountered a few stoppers. The biggest one: our partners’ development timelines.

While we continue to improve our products and our cross-platform integration processes, we thought of making the product accessible directly via the Soundpickr website.

We aim to collect user feedback and keep improving the new MVP while we work to deploy this new technology across our partnerships.

Exciting new features

# Courtyard for Music

At the back of our new MVP, we’ve seen an opportunity to replicate the music bundles as a form of consumer product too. Thanks to our unique licenses with the likes of Eurovision, SUM41, and Elvis, we’re going to be releasing a Courtyard-like interface for music fans and collectors to gain access to some of the best music.

While our resources and focus will be spent on our partner activations, we have an opportunity to attract and monetise our organic traffic.

We’re using this as a Beta test Soundpickr’s new MVP with both a B2B and a B2C outlook and we’ll report back In May.

# Listen-2-Earn

We’ve onboarded over 2k independent artists that have tokenised their music via Soundpickr. On top of that, we’ve got deals that grant us 50k+ additional songs.

We wanted to offer a feature that would allow artists to monetise their songs in web3 while also offering an engagement incentive to fans that discover new songs. For that reason, we’ve built a web3 music player that offers earning opportunities to both artists and fans.

We’ll be sharing all the details of this new player, earning mechanics, and tokenomics in a few weeks. In the meantime, alpha users are already testing it and we’re improving this feature before we officially release it.

Keep up to date

We’ll be sharing all the progress with our new MVP with our community. Join our Discord or follow us on X (f.k.a. Twitter) to be the first one to find out more.

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