Pickies: Roadmap V1

Here’s all you need to know about Pickies as a product

2 min readAug 14, 2023

A new community product for music

Soundpickr is on a mission to fix music royalties with blockchain technology.

While we work to support as many musicians as possible, we also want to improve how they benefit from web3 tools.

Pickies is our latest minting experience and V1 is about to go live. Here is the roadmap including benefits to Soundpickr NFT holders.

Why mint Pickies?

It’s important to mention one key value to owning our upcoming NFTs: Revenue split.

As mentioned in our mint details, there are 4 main utilities. Out of all of them, revenue share opportunities might require more details:

Revenue share

Plain and simple: all Pickies NFT holders will be eligible for a revenue share of every mint that takes place using our Pickies minting tool.

Around this time last year, we published a report on the low trading volume for NFTs in the music sector. For that reason, the revenue share will be quite high. The initial commission will depend on the success of Pickies X mint — selling out will result in setting a higher standard commission for holders.

Music scout program

Pickies NFT holders will also be rewarded with a “music scout” reward for every musician/label they refer to mint using our minting experience. This commission will be up to 10% and will be the standard across all referred mints.

What determines the rewards commission?

Total revenue generated from client mints.

We’ll be publishing the revenue share guidelines for Pickies V1 as soon as the first deal is confirmed.

Roadmap for Pickies V1

Q4 2023

  • Pickies mint. All the details are here.
  • Improvements post-mint. Upgrade UI.
  • NFT airdrop to holders. Announcement of tokenomics and token rewards.
  • Staking V1 goes live. Beta Pickies V2

Q1 2024

  • First label mint. Revenue split to Pickies holders.
  • Self-service tools available to partners.
  • Onboard existing label partners to release music NFTs.
  • Public token launch.
  • Staking rewards withdrawal goes live
  • Pickies V2 goes live

Q2 2024

  • New chain announcement. Extend minting engine to EVM compatible chain.
  • Roadmap V2 announcement.

How to keep up with our updates

Twitter: @ soundpickr
Discord: https://discord.gg/H3nJFpkDEm
Medium: soundpickr.medium.com




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