Eurovision song paying dividends to fans

For the first time in history, a Eurovision song is paying back supporters

2 min readJul 24, 2023
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“Fans do earn”

Soundpickr & Marius Bear joined forces a year ago to offer the first Eurovision song in history as an NFT.

The deal? A 20% share split of mechanical royalties back to holders.

In July 2023, a year after fans bought “Boys Do Cry” as an NFT will receive their first payout.

Why did it take so long?

Fans and NFT holders have been patiently waiting for their initial purchase to generate results.

The wait has been due to the slow process of collecting and distributing music royalties to musicians.

These legacy issues have been highlighted by the Soundpickr team on several occasions and have been the centre of their attention for the past year — building tools that improve royalty collection and distribution.

Joining the dots between music & the new generation of listeners

Soundpickr has changed since its inception but the goal is still clear: support the development of the new era of the music industry.

This first payout of royalties confirms there’s a new wave of innovative initiatives in music that connect artists with fans in ways never seen before.

Soundpickr is committed to changing legacy systems to benefit music creators. Starting with the use of music in the gaming industry, the team is pushing the boundaries and updating a system that urgently needs to change.

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