Discoverability FAQs

3 min readFeb 20, 2023

As many of you already know, we started building Soundpickr as the music data hub.

We wanted to make it easier for fans who invest in music to see all the data they need to make informed decisions. Of course, something else we wanted to help improve is the discoverability of new talent.

Now that we have one of the largest sites in the space, we’re collecting feedback, reviewing learnings, and improving the public platform so that we can make it easier for artists to be found by new fans.

A key learning

Before we start with the FAQs, we want to talk about our internal data, as it shows that most of our visitors land on our site via artist pages.

Many artists have reached out to us asking how to access the page to make edits and take control of what’s shown. We’re working on some updates and we’ll let artists claim pages and make updates by the end of Q1.

Until then, we’ve noticed thousands of users discovering artists on our public site. However, many of these pages are quite empty and we cannot display any data.

Why are some artist pages empty?

There is not much information that can be displayed for many artists.

We aggregate data from 6M+ artists worldwide, but 2M+ of those artists have no traction in terms of social media following, engagement, streaming revenue, or NFT sales.

While the profile still exists, an empty page doesn’t look appealing and we’ve noticed users bounce out of those empty pages quite quickly.

For that reason, we’re working on adding new information for those developing artists who are found on Soundpickr by adding new elements like their available catalogues on streaming services. That way, users who land on their profiles can start discovering their music right away.

I don’t sell NFTs, why does my profile exist?

While it’s true that the purpose of our data has its origin in offering a one-stop place for music investors to view data, we want to improve the way artists are discovered.

Many of our pages appear at the top of the search results and offer a quick overview on each artist. It also allows other similar artists to be discovered much more easily. With this, we aim to help artists — whether they sell NFTs or not — to be discovered, attract new fans, and engage audiences.

Final thought

If you’re an artist and find your artist page, do let us know how we could improve it and what you’d like to display.

Q1 2023 is very important for us. We’re finalising some software updates on our royalty system and we’ll be updating our public data.

During this period, whether you sell NFTs or not, take advantage of a platform that can boost your discoverability. Let’s help those 2M+ artists with no data gain new fans.




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