A new minting experience for music NFTs

Randomisation for NFTs has been the norm for a while — what if there was a different way?

3 min readAug 7, 2023
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Rewarding our community’s creative expression

We’re doing things differently this time. We want NFT buyers to decide what their NFT looks (and sounds) like, within a set of visual and audio layers.

Our new NFT generator offers a one-of-a-kind layer selector that combines visual and audio layers so that users can create their new PFP based on the look they choose. To top it all off, the generator will include a unique 30s recording unique to each NFT.

Supply and allocation

Like with every NFT collection, we’ve allocated a limited number of NFTs available across three different stages.

* The supply of Private & Public rounds will vary depending on demand. We’ll transfer the supply from Public to Private if the Private round gets over-subscribed.

There are 20,000k+ different potential combinations. However, only 1,200 NFTs will be generated.

Aiming for oversubscription

This is a very small collection and we want everyone to get excited while also having some fun customising their NFTs.

*Guaranteed mints will be available until all NFTs have been minted

Once you create your NFT, it’ll be reserved for you until the mint date.


Hold on, what if we care about rarity?

Great question, hypothetical sceptical reader.

The rarity will be decided by collectors. We’ll publish the official rarity based on what everyone chooses. This means, if 90% of collectors choose the blue background and 10% choose the orange background, the latter will be rare.

This way, the direction of this collection is decided by what community members prefer.

What’s the utility?

Holders will gain access to a wide offer of exclusive mints, free NFT & token airdrops, as well as access to web3 games & applications.

🚀 Gain access to partners web3 games and applications
🚀 NFT and token airdrops
🚀 Exclusive Soundpickr curator program with revenue share opportunities
🚀 Staking and token rewards

What if multiple people reserve the same NFT?

If more than one person reserves de same NFT combination, and all of them meet the criteria for guaranteed mint, that NFT will only be available on an FCFS basis.

Don’t worry, if someone mints your preferred combination and you’re on the guaranteed list, you’ll be able to edit your NFT to mint it.

What you can do with the audio

Anything. It’s a unique 30s composition. It’s purely a value add to your new NFT.

As we specialise in music royalties, we’re looking to share a new concept that will offer monetisation opportunities for these audio files. However, as many of you know, music royalties are more complicated than some may think.

Stay updated with our news and we’ll find a way to increase the value of each NFT and the music within them.

How to keep up with our updates

Twitter: @ soundpickr
Discord: https://discord.gg/H3nJFpkDEm
Medium: soundpickr.medium.com




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